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There are two tools in order to save you the trouble of continually checking the forum for new messages:

  • Mailinglist: you receive one email a day that contains all new posts on the boards you are subscribed to (or no email, if nothing was posted).
  • Notification: you receive an email instantly whenever someone replies to a thread or posts to a board you are interested in.

Edit Mailinglist Settings

Go to the Notification & Mailinglist page by clicking  Notification in the forum menu.
In the bottom part of the sceen (below your notification settings) is a list of all boards of the forum. Check the boards you are interested in and you will receive a daily list of new posts by email.

Activate Notification

You can subscribe to email notifications for a thread (message and all its replies) by clicking on  Notify of replies at the beginning and end of the thread screen.

Similarly you can subscribe to a whole board by clicking  Notify of new posts in the thread list.

Third, you can subscribe to thread when you post a message or reply to a message in that thread, or when you start a new thread. Simply check the Notify of replies option at the bottom of the message entry form.

Boards and threads that you subscribe to have the notification icon  next to them.

Cancel Notification

To unsubscribe, go to the Notification & Mailinglist page by clicking  Notification in the forum menu. Check all boards and topics you want to unsubscribe from and hit the Update Settings button.


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