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We're ecstatic that you'd like to help build the Forum community by moderating a board. But you're probably asking yourself: "Uh, what does a Board Moderator do?"

The role of a Board Moderator is very important to the life and success of a board. There is a lot of responsibility in being a Board Moderator, but there's also a lot more fun.

More than doing anything else the Moderator is responsible for maintaining interest in, and activity on, a board. You've got to get people to the board and keep them posting. Boards see ups and downs. Usually a board will see a flurry of initial activity, then settle down for while only to go into high-gear again because of one hot topic. As a Moderator, you'll need to help with jump-starts during slow periods.

You will also have the ability to modify, move, and delete all posts on your board. This ability must be handled with responsibility. The users and staff are trusting you with that power and responsibility, please use it wisely.

Moderators also have the responsibility to keep harmful or offensive posts and people out of their boards and to help keep them out of the Forum as a whole. Now when we say "harmful or offensive" we don't mean as judged by any religious or political scale; we also don't mean the presence of profanity or even disagreements between members. We're all grown ups here, and if we don't want to read something, we don't have to.

What we mean when we say "harmful or offensive" is material that is unequivocally an abuse of the system itself, the exploitation for commercial gain or malicious intent of the congregation of the membership general and our ability to freely communicate. We mean blatant advertisements, posts about money-making-schemes or mlm's, multiple posts with identical content ("bombing" or "spamming" or "cross-posting"), or attacks against members or the Forum that have been written by individuals whose only reason for being here seems to be to attack.

Please read the Moderator Actions page, which explains the tools that a moderator may use and the Tips for Moderators page, which contains everything from how to handle a topic or post that is better suited on a different board, to dealing with get-rich-quick spammers and other jackasses bulletin board systems sometimes draw and who might appear on your board.

We try to prepare you for any situation you might encounter, but in reality, you probably won't have to deal with anything more serious than the occasional fixing of a type-o. The most important thing to remember is to have fun. That's what it's all about.

If you are serious about becoming a moderator, get in contact with an administrator of this forum.

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