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   Psi2Win and Win7 and LZ64
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   Author  Topic: Psi2Win and Win7 and LZ64  (Read 660 times)
Zac Schroff
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Psi2Win and Win7 and LZ64
« on: Oct 29th, 2016, 11:48pm »
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The system is an i7-5930K running Windows 7, and using a 16550 compatible serial port on the chipset or a Prolific 2303 based USB to serial adapter.
I can send/receive files (most of the time) from the Comms menu transfer functions, but if and only if I have the baud rate set to 9600 and disable buffering and flow control on the Windows serial controls.  Big files still sometimes see device read or device write errors.
I can send files from the Psion to the PC in OPL if an only if the baud rate is set to 2400 and flow controls are disabled, and even in this case the reliability is poor (if I transfer a dozen files, I will have to retry at least one of them more than five times).
I can receive files from the PC to the Psion in OPL if and only if the baud rate is set to 1200 and flow controls are disabled and the file consists of fewer than 9 transfer blocks (anything but ODB) or about that many bytes but on the next record down (ODB).
Otherwise I get device read or device write errors.  These happen with the server in idle state or showing that it is transferring a file.
I have pulled the battery and let the machine sit like that for hours, then made sure protocol is Psion and handshaking is none.  I am seeing this with builds 268 and 303, and am looking around to see whether I have any other builds (not sure).
I have tried running with and without power provided through the comms link and with and without battery (so battery alone and batter plus AC line and AC line without battery).
I have tried two comms links.  On one of them, I sometimes get Bad Device Call errors (such as whenever I'm trying to run at a speed other than 9600), and it seems to flip to 2-line mode to display these errors.

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Re: Psi2Win and Win7 and LZ64
« Reply #1 on: Nov 29th, 2016, 9:44pm »
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I used to have no problem running Psi2Win under the Virtual XP Mode that you can get for Win 7 64bit Pro.  I had some 'issues' with a web cam and it messed my system up (a box from eBay with a preinstalled OS).  So I tried running Psi2Win on a bare Win 7 system and found all sorts of odd behaviour.  In my case, it doesn't work, or is transferring files to some location which, to date, I have not been able to discern.
My advice is to install the Virtual XP Mode from Microsoft.  It is very good (you will be back in XP!), the NHS in the UK seem to use it all the time without apparent problems and from my perspective, it runs all the Psion tools flawlessly - all the Org2 ones and the SIBO stuff (Win ODE, etc) too, including all RS232 functionality (mine is hardware).  So I'll be reinstalling this soon.
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