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Posted by: MartinReid Posted on: Apr 26th, 2018, 10:40am
on Apr 25th, 2018, 8:33pm, starhawk wrote:
I don't run WINE. If you run WINE, you need all the trappings of Windows (antivirus, etc) along with it -- Windows' problems run just as well in WINE as anything else. Seeing as I switched to Linux at least in part to escape all that crap, I have no desire to invite it back with me. At that point I might as well just switch back!
Maybe I'm being greedy, but I want a *native* Linux application.
Also, be aware that Boris can't fulfill his offer (as stated on that page) any more -- primarily by virtue of, he's dead. Unless someone else has those routines in source form, you'd have to reverse-engineer Psi2Win to get them, at this point...

Dear Starhawk
Like I say I don't really understand any of this, but you clearly do.
Anyway as long as you have seen the thread, that's my two penn'oth.
As my old fella used to say "sometimes best not to get involved"
Sincerely and in good faith

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