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(Message started by: Steve on Aug 23rd, 2018, 3:41pm)

Title: Member uses for the Organiser in 2018
Post by Steve on Aug 23rd, 2018, 3:41pm
I would be interested to know how many of you still use your Organisers on a regular basis, and for what purposes.  In my desk drawer at home I have one of each model (thanks to the Sourcerer) along with data packs, comms link etc., but I never use them. The biggest problem I find is PC/Mac communication and beginning to understand how these old machines can play a useful part alongside modern technology.  Any sensible comments to get me using them alongside my MacBook  will be welcomed.


Title: Re: Member uses for the Organiser in 2018
Post by MartinReid on Aug 23rd, 2018, 9:02pm
Dear Steve

Firstly let me say that for a problem solver like me just getting this 1980's piece of kit to communicate with modern hardware is a buzz.

If you could get it talking to your MacBook that would be something. Organizer II,  Comms-Link and Mac;action=display;num=1243940900;start=2

Being a PC user I still use ORG2 the PC Emulator for my OPL programming, You've got Jape and the OPK File Editor for your Mac'.

So what do I use the Organiser for? I have one at work that has the password set to prevent prying eyes. I keep my daily/weekly time sheet in a (pocket) spreadsheet. I print it weekly via Olivier's USB powered CommsLink to a PDF (doPDF) before attaching it to an email to payrole.

I manage / operate a 3 axis wood cutting CNC machine, now I'm not going to tell you that I run the machine via the organiser but there are some (opl) routines I use for 'cutter counting' - 'feeds and speeds calculations' - 'proportional measurements / calculations'

I have (pocket) spreadsheets for 'TimeSht' - 'CutLst' - 'PayPal' - 'Tax' I back these up regularly to a USB flash drive. I'm not sure how you would do that on your Mac! If you can't you may need one of Olivier's 256k RamPacks. If I want to integrate the spreadsheets with a PC spreadsheet I export them as CSV.

I use Notepads to record and keep issues, suggestions or  set-up preferences. Currently on my backup flash I have 'Visions.nts' - 'Limits.nts' - 'Matching.nts' and 'Beds.nts'. These of course mean nothing to you but should serve as an illustration.

I only use the diary to record events. Battery changes, sacrificial bed changes etc. I used to keep the payment details in the diary but found I could do more in the spreadsheet.

When I'm using it in the workshop some bright spark will say "what's that?" I tell them it's a calculator, they go away non the wiser.

Anyway that's my two penn'orth
Sincerely and in good faith

PS check your messages!

Title: Re: Member uses for the Organiser in 2018
Post by Steve on Aug 24th, 2018, 9:35am
Thank you Martin.

I shall read your reply with the greatest of interest.  I am fascinated in general with the ingenious ways people use their organisers.

Kind regards


Title: Re: Member uses for the Organiser in 2018
Post by joakinen on Aug 24th, 2018, 7:33pm
This is so great and inspiring... Thanks for sharing, Martin.

Title: Re: Member uses for the Organiser in 2018
Post by Mikesan on Aug 25th, 2018, 7:44pm
I use mine for all sorts of things.

It's the best workshop, or bench calculator that you can ever have!
But I also have an HP wand barcode reader, magswipe reader and lots of other stuff.

One really handy tool is the Digitron SF10 Data Logger (read all about it on Jaap's site) and thanks to The Sourcerer, I've got two working K type thermocouples for it and so I can measure temperatures and record them on autpilot.

I still use my Addtel program (I'm going to put the LZ version up soon - more functions) and I also use various database programs that I've written.

I drove a bus for while (wouldn't recommend...) and the Organiser II with a leather belt case was pretty useful for some timing and notes operations.

Fantastic if you have a van and some stock in it  - you'll always know if you have one! ;-)

For the Workabout MX I'm in the process of writing, but it is usable, a program which is based on BID (Barcode Information Database), which you will also find on here.

The SIBO Workabout MX machine is really good though, very practical, as it has a built-in laser scanner.

Even after all these decades, the Organiser II (and later models) are still going strong.  No, it's not the latest Apple, or Samsung, but it is a computer that can connect via RS232 and there various interfaces, so I'd say that it will always have a use for someone.

Title: Re: Member uses for the Organiser in 2018
Post by Steve on Aug 25th, 2018, 8:03pm
Thanks for taking the time to reply, Mike.

I have several of your programs from way back, including the Addtel LZ version!! I've been having a sift through my datapaks this afternoon, and I have more than I remembered. I reckon I shall have to dig out my Windows laptop and try to figure out DOSBox again.  Jaap has so many pak images on his site, it's almost a sin not make them all into paks and play with them at my leisure. A project for the winter maybe?



Title: Try before you buy
Post by MartinReid on Aug 27th, 2018, 8:15pm
Dear Steve

I know I keep going on about Jape but it really is quite good. You can select all the 'pack images' you want in the emulator. It is like try before you buy or in this case try before you download. Then download the best one's for you.

Give it a try

Title: Re: Member uses for the Organiser in 2018
Post by Nick_Kostelidis on Dec 2nd, 2018, 8:21pm
Hi Steve.
I am surveying engineer and I use PsionII LZ since 1992 to collect measuring data from surveying instruments.
Modern instruments have data collectors on board but I don't like so much their routines. So for me the best external data collector is Psion II :)

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