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(Message started by: Mikesan on Jul 2nd, 2018, 4:01pm)

Title: Blasphemy!
Post by Mikesan on Jul 2nd, 2018, 4:01pm

I have an interest in other Psion computers, namely, for me, the Workabout MX.  This uses SIBO OPL, which was introduced when the Series 3 came out.  The HC uses this type of OPL as well.

We have flurries of activity on here, but it isn't constant.  How would people feel about forum members including posts on these machines?

Series 3
Series 3a
Series 3c
Series 3mx
Series 5
Series 5mx
Series 7
Workabout MX

The 3c and 3mx mostly work the same as far as commands and functions - there are more of them and the integers go higher as they are 32-bit OSes and there is a fair bit of information on EPOC and OVAL too in addition to the Organiser I & II.

I'm not saying that I have a load of stuff to post, but I do have a little and a lot of other people will have also gone out and bought a later machine after the Organiser II became, "End Of Life".

Teklogix (or anyway) have closed down, which I suppose is Zebra simply responding to market forces.  The point is that it leaves people who still have an interest in Psion computers with fewer resources than before.

Please voice your opinion!

Title: Re: Blasphemy!
Post by starhawk on Jul 3rd, 2018, 5:55pm
I won't argue but the forum software might collapse under the load.

No offense to Boris or anyone else, but a Perl based forum was not perhaps the most intelligent choice of management software.

Title: Re: Blasphemy!
Post by Art on Jul 12th, 2018, 9:38am
Hi :) I only registered to ask about the same thing? Why the exclusivity for just one model?
Surely by now the topic of Organiser II is barely enough to warrant a forum of it’s own?

Title: Re: Blasphemy!
Post by Mikesan on Jul 12th, 2018, 4:41pm
Indeed, Art.  If no major, valid objections from enough people arise before 2nd August 2018 (one month since I first asked the question), I'll put a notice up to the effect that ANY Psion device can be discussed on here.

The Organiser II was, for all practical intents and purposes, the start of the whole Psion PDA experience - the seed from which the the other, later machines grew and so it isn't really so crazy to extend our discussions to the later machines, plus we don't get much protracted discussion at all nowadays and haven't had much sustained traffic for a while.

Greater popularity brings the spammers, but they are fairly easy to spot and manage on here (links, sigs and maybe zips) and some members are pretty hot on spotting them and telling me, even if I don't see them straight away.  We don't get that much traffic, so they must be becoming pretty desperate!  

Usage?  I think that the entire Psion niche is now pretty small, so it is unlikely to become an issue - I hope not anyway.

Expertise?  That is provided by you, the members!

Title: Re: Blasphemy!
Post by Art on Jul 12th, 2018, 5:38pm
I’m a one month old newbie to PSION, having found one at a thrift store (5mx). I’d never even heard of it before then, but well & truly have fallen in love with the flimsy thing.

Title: Re: Blasphemy!
Post by Art on Jul 12th, 2018, 5:39pm
I am not sure what is going on there, but I guess I can not use contractions. Maybe it is to do with my using Safari on a Mac.

Title: Re: Blasphemy!
Post by Mikesan on Jul 12th, 2018, 6:30pm
Hmm, yes I can see lots of codes popping up on all of your posts.  It is probably the font scheme that you are using.  This forum is Perl and is very old, but as you can see, I have no problems.  I'm using Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and Google Chrome, but it works fine on Firefox too.

Try writing what you want in an ASCII text editor and pasting that in.  I have no idea what Apple get up to in the Mac, but I have an iPad and it is sometimes infuriating when it is trying to to be overly 'helpful' and inserting things that I didn't type in there because some 'genius' (they do like that word...) at Apple thought we'd all die without the matching quotes, etc.

Title: Re: Blasphemy!
Post by jaap on Jul 13th, 2018, 12:27pm
I have no objection to posts about other Psion handhelds (or even their laptops), though I have no experience with any of them. Last year I got a Psion 3mx in a job lot, but I haven't used it at all.

The strange characters in the forum are because the editor you are using is inserting "smart quotes", i.e. changing a normal ascii quote character into opening and closing quotes, and similarly changing a basic normal apostrophe into a more styled apostrophe character.

These characters are not in the normal ascii range, but only available in unicode character sets. These are converted into text form (i.e. as html entities containing that unicode character number) in order to be able to store the message. Unfortunately, when the message is then displayed, the forum software does not recognize these special codes and converts them to straight text instead of leaving them alone for the browser to render them normally.

Title: Re: Blasphemy!
Post by Mikesan on Jul 16th, 2018, 9:15pm
It might be a strategy against code injection.  Boris did a lot.  'Brute-force-simple' is probably not a bad idea...

Title: Re: Blasphemy!
Post by Cosi on Aug 7th, 2018, 6:50pm
I'm a bit late, but I'd like to applaud the idea :) I've been a big fan of all Psions since I bought my first Siena in 2004.
Indeed, EPOC and especially SIBO machines are much more neglected on the Internet than any other machine from their era. There are still a few websites with essential software to download, though, like BioEddie's (

I'll be happy to discuss all SIBO/EPOC-related topics!

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