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(Message started by: Biker_Bob on Oct 6th, 2003, 1:48pm)

Title: History
Post by Biker_Bob on Oct 6th, 2003, 1:48pm
I was wondering - does anybody know the times of production of the CM/XP/LZ etc.. I'd like to know how old my LZ is, just to get an idea of the longevity of these Org II machines.
I notice that Psion 3 series and even 5 series are starting to dissapear from Ebay as the doom of the screen cable strikes them !
The Org II appears to me to be about the toughest handheld ever made - no moving parts and a very understressed processor :o)
I think it'd be interesting to start a Graveyard section of the forum, where users who've had an Org II die on them can describe what happened for the edification of us all - keeping these old beasts going is obviously of prime importance, since there are only so many to go around !

Title: Re: History
Post by thesourcerer on Oct 6th, 2003, 7:34pm
Although I don't think I have specific production dates for Psion IIs, they were launched in April 1986, and Psion had sold their 100,00th by Autumn 1987, and half a million by the spring of 1990, though by this time it included the 4-line models. The LZs and LZ64s were introduced in 1989. For the record, the Psion I was first produced in 1984 and I assume production ceased with the advent of the Psion IIs. Since I have handled a lot of Psion IIs, I can comment on their reliability. The greatest weakness is the paint on the EXE key rubbing off - not surprising when you consider the use that some have had. The next two faults are the channels in the sliding cover becoming loose or broken, and the battery connector being snapped - both generally caused by rough handling. Serious faults are extremely rare. I have only come across pixel loss on three or four occassions (from several hundred machines), and perhaps a similar number that were completely dead. Bearing in mind I left one on the roof of my car on one occassion, and only noticed when it blew off at 50mph, some of these machines could have had a hard life! Mine only suffered cosmetic damage. Very rarely the pack connections or topslot connector develops a fault. I think that the column on faults would probably be similar to the Psion II's history, i.e not more than 4 lines, but it would be a good idea to have a "graveyard" slot.

Title: Re: History
Post by Biker_Bob on Oct 6th, 2003, 11:01pm
Thats reassuring ! I figured that these things were tough, I've personally suffered snapped hinges on a Psion 3a,3Mx and snapped screen cable on a Series 5 - twice !
I wouldn't like to bet on any of the curent crop of palmtops making it to their 17th birthday ! (Have you SEEN the Sony NX70V !!).

Title: Re: History
Post by John_Gardner on Nov 20th, 2003, 3:04pm
Reference pixel loss.  I have dropped my Psion many times, and I eventually had this problem.  If you pressed on the screen the pixels returned, so I thought it was the conductive rubber bits beneath the LCD.  However, a workmate of mine (we are computer engineeers) took it appart one lunchtime,  and put it under a microscope  He said  " I thought so"  got out his micro soldering iron, and resoldered the surface mount chips.  He tells me it is not uncommon for these chips to "lift".  Sure enough it fixed it, and the machine lives on.

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