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Posted by: jaap Posted on: Jun 17th, 2019, 10:23am
It seems to me that this home made device was created to save money. Datapaks used to be relatively expensive, but you could buy bare eeprom chips much more cheaply. This thing simply allows you to swap out the chip from the "datapack".
I would not really call it an eeprom programmer. When Psion first designed the datapack circuitboards, they permuted the address and data lines in some way that allowed for the easiest circuits. This means however that if you take the eeprom out of a datapack and put it into any non-Psion device, its contents will seem scrambled. This device directly connects the datapack circuit to the eeprom without (un)permuting the lines, so you cannot directly use the eeproms this creates in non-Psion circuitry.
That isn't to say that you cannot possibly use this as an eeprom programmer. You could create software for the Psion that reads in a file (e.g. via the comms link from a PC), applies the necessary permutations, and writes that to the eeprom, after which you can use that eprom in a non-Psion device. It's just that it does not seem likely that this was ever done here.

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