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Posted by: jaap Posted on: Jul 13th, 2018, 12:27pm
I have no objection to posts about other Psion handhelds (or even their laptops), though I have no experience with any of them. Last year I got a Psion 3mx in a job lot, but I haven't used it at all.
The strange characters in the forum are because the editor you are using is inserting "smart quotes", i.e. changing a normal ascii quote character into opening and closing quotes, and similarly changing a basic normal apostrophe into a more styled apostrophe character.  
These characters are not in the normal ascii range, but only available in unicode character sets. These are converted into text form (i.e. as html entities containing that unicode character number) in order to be able to store the message. Unfortunately, when the message is then displayed, the forum software does not recognize these special codes and converts them to straight text instead of leaving them alone for the browser to render them normally.

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