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Posted by: thesourcerer Posted on: Dec 16th, 2017, 2:24am
Thanks for your clarification Olivier. The system was well designed, but there are flaws in it. If there is a power surge (e.g. plugging in the Comms Link or external power supply when the organiser is switched on, or connecting an external device and then switching the organiser on, removing or inserting a Rampack etc) there is a chance of the dreaded “SIZING PACK” message, by which time it is too late, and all data has been lost.
The golden rule is that if you have any essential data on a Rampack, back it up to a datapack before removing it or attaching any top slot devices (including switching on or off the external PSU). If the “LOW BATTERY” meassage appears at any time it is prudent to replace the battery rather than plug an external PSU in. The internal capacitor gives enough time to achieve this without any loss of data from the Rampack. It is essential to back up the data to an eprom or flash datapack as soon as you have replaced the 9v organiser battery.
Lessons hard learnt from experience.
Once it has gone, it has gone, to the great trashbin in the sky.
Though I still believe it is still floating around in the ether somewhere!

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