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   ORG-Link, general purpose comms link tool.
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   Author  Topic: ORG-Link, general purpose comms link tool.  (Read 40 times)


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ORG-Link, general purpose comms link tool.
« on: Feb 23rd, 2020, 4:32am »
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I have just released this, it's something I made to solve several problems in one small tool. Feel free to have at it. If you have suggestions for something to be added to it, do tell.
It's at (via the small 'software' link at bottom right) but Google do not index my site or even bother to crawl it with a searchbot anymore, and I am not interested in trying to tell them it's worth doing, so if you like this tool, save it, make sure that if my site goes down, you don't have to worry about that. Feel free to link to it (directly or otherwise) if you want, it will help make up for Google's lack of interest, and make it easier to reach for those likely to want it.
There may be other things there of interest, so the same applies to those. I spend most of my time coding now (a look at my posting history here will indicate how rare it is for me to do anything online), so while I intend to keep that site up, and check here occasionally to read any replies, I may not resurface for some time.
One thing I will likely post on the site is a controller that runs on a Psion Organiser XP and controls an Icom PCR-1000 receiver. That will include the code used to do it. IT may be a minority interest, but it's an example of why it may be worth keeping some knowledge of my site available to you, because if I put anything new there, it will likely be something I have tested and used extensively before it ever gets that far, and not even I know for sure what weird interest may inspire the move. I have made a GPS tool for a Psion Organiser, and an event logger, so the odds are those will appear if it looks like people want to see them.
Last but not least, thanks to Boris (or whoever now does it) for keeping this forum online so consistently. It's one of the few places that a bit of effort to recall a password would let me reach, and it's good to know that something good still works.
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