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(Message started by: Martin on Jun 7th, 2004, 1:43pm)

Title: How to make a bootable flash datapack
Post by Martin on Jun 7th, 2004, 1:43pm
Hi, I have recently acquired a 128k flash datapak, which I want to load with backed up software using make. The datapak was backed up using unmake. When I try to load the software a pack not empty error occurs. This is I assume because of the flash driver loaded on the datapak when formatted. I have copied this same software onto uv eprom datapaks with no problems.  
Any help will be appreciated. Cheers.

Title: Re: bootable flash datapak
Post by Boris on Jun 8th, 2004, 6:43pm
Well, uh, that's not trivial.
You can't remove the flashpack driver from the pack, it is mandatory. However there is a special flash-driver version which is able to boot another .bin file.
I have never tried this.
The driver and MAKE v3.20 (latest version I have found in the archives) are both in the developer vault (  ;)

Don't expect this to be easy, but If you succeed, please let us know!

Title: Re: bootable flash datapak
Post by Boris on Nov 19th, 2004, 2:46pm
I finally tried it myself. It works!

1. you need the latest devpack ( and the  multiboot flash driver 1.8 (

2. use BLDPACK with the following .BLD file

FLSHBOOT   8                 !packname, size in kb
FDRIVM18   BIN               !FLASH driver
BOOT       BIN               !BOOT driver, starts BOOT.OPL
 I have uploaded the resulting pack image here (;action=display;num=1100876242).

3. Use MAKE or Psi2Backup (;action=display;num=1098304952) to load the packimage to a flashpack.

The resident flash driver MUST be replaced by the multiboot driver on the organiser!
- remove all packs and devices (Commslink, etc.)
- enter the FLASH menu
- select REMOVE
- insert the flashpack with the multiboot driver
- press ON/CLEAR

If the pack is used on an organiser with the normal flash driver, it will not be bootable.

Whenever the pack is booted, the system looks for a translated OPL file called BOOT. If the file is present on any pack, it is executed.

This should also work with device drivers other than BOOT.BIN, but I'm not quite sure as there is a warning in the flash driver documentation about relocation problems that may arise.

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