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(Message started by: ForumAdmin on Jan 1st, 2001, 12:00pm)

Title: Can I use a ProgramPack as DataPack?
Post by ForumAdmin on Jan 1st, 2001, 12:00pm
Can I use a ProgramPack as DataPack if the program is no longer needed?
A program pack with an EPROM can be erased just like any other datapack by using a formatter. This will remove the program and its protection, and allow the pack to be used like a normal datapack.
The only known programpack that contains ROM instead of EPROM is the spellchecker. It is therefor not erasable.

Title: Re: Can I use a ProgramPack as DataPack?
Post by The_Doctor on Apr 2nd, 2004, 12:33am
There is another one: the Travel Pack. That's maybe electrically erasable, but I never tried. It has no UV window, that's for sure, but is otherwise marked similarly to a 64K EPROM, so as the board was also the same, and as my pack came very cheaply via Ebay with some other goodies, I tried a variant on the ZIF socket trick, having also bought a few 64K EPROM's at an earlier time.

First I used a small cutting wheel to saw the pins off the IC, then I desoldered them and cleaned up, fitted a low profile IC socket, the best kind, the ones with turned pins and beryllium copper contacts. To make space for the new pack (which due to being thicker, does not use the small windowed insert cover, just the outer shell) I cut the plastic from the base of one bay in a test Organiser LZ64 I keep for these things, leaving about 1.5 mm of ledge on each side to guide the pack in, and this works extremely well, allowing me to make small archives on single IC's and such..
I discovered that although an XP can't store a large text file in the standard way an LZ can, it can do it as an untranslated procedure, which is very useful if I want some record to be truly durable or easily stowed out of harm's way.

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