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Title: What are a Packs?
Post by ForumAdmin on Jan 1st, 2001, 12:00pm
What are a Data-, Ram-, Flash- and Programpacks?
These are small boxes containing a memory chip that can be plugged into the organiser.
The organiser has two slots available for them.

  • Rampacks contain a RAM chip (no need for formatting - but they rely on a builtin battery)
  • Datapacks contain an EPROM chip and need an external Formatter to be cleared.
  • Flashpacks contain an EEPROM chip which can be formatted inside the Organiser.

    The usage of Packs is explained in detail on the Packs page (

    Be warned: RAMpacks with an empty battery loose all data at the very moment they are removed from the organiser or the organiser is without battery. Many rampacks of the organisers around are out of battery by now! Never store important data on a rampack if you don't know its age!
    Read this topic on RAMpacks (;action=display;num=1042594831) for details.

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