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   How can I replace an empty RAMpack battery?
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   Author  Topic: How can I replace an empty RAMpack battery?  (Read 3517 times)


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How can I replace an empty RAMpack battery?
« on: Jan 15th, 2003, 2:14am »
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How can I replace an empty pack battery?

If you have basic soldering skills, you will probably be able to unsolder the battery and the little pin soldered to it, and the reverse should be even easier...
Wait! There is also a way to replace it without using a soldering iron - though we do not really recommend you do this.  
If you do want to use this very rough solution, it is at your peril and I will not be held responsible for any damage done.  

  • Open the casing and remove the insides.  
  • Disconnect the contact on top of the battery by using a razorblade to break the two spot welds.  
  • Rotate the battery until the soldered point of contact under the battery comes loose, and remove the battery completely.  
  • There should be a pin spot welded underneath the battery which was soldered into the circuit board.  
  • Remove the pin from the battery. It doesn't matter too much if the head of the pin is welded too tightly to the battery and the pin breaks off just underneath it.  
  • Use a pair of small pliers to carefully squeeze the blob of solder on the circuit board, so that when you replace the pin it will fit firmly.  
  • Replace the pin in the circuit board.  
  • Place a new battery between the contacts.  
  • Use some tape to fix the battery in place. Do not use thick tape or too much or you will not be able to fit the circuit board back into its casing. It must hold the battery tight to ensure there is no loose contact. Artists masking tape is probably best since it can be easily removed and doesn't degrade badly after a few years.  
  • Place it back into its casing.  
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Re: How can I replace an empty RAMpack battery?
« Reply #1 on: Jan 15th, 2003, 11:52am »
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I think some caution is called for in replacing the battery since it is possible for the battery to burst or even explode if heated too strongly with a soldering iron.


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Re: How can I replace an empty RAMpack battery?
« Reply #2 on: Apr 2nd, 2004, 12:50am »
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A CR2032 battery is a lot less dangerous than a cylindrical lithium type, which has a very strong acid content, but agreed, care is crucial. Too much heat will most likely breach a seal, and you'll get an obvious volatile ether smell if this happens, and the life will be shortened dramatically, and it will definitely ooze a bit.
The next time I try soldering in standard CR2032 coin cells I'll learn from this, especially as the thicker wire I cut from a 1N4005 diode (for supporting the weight of the battery against physical shock) was too thick and destroyed the circuit board during removal.
This time, I'll use much lighter wire, like that used for 10 or 15 amp fuse wire. This will be solderable with much greater speed, and as it flexes easily, the accuracy of position will be much less demanding, which also increases the speed of working, and reduces contact time with the iron. This time should ideally be very short indeed, but using a powerful iron of maybe 40 or 50 watts. This will heat the spot fast enough to be effective before heat can spread across the surface. Blow on it hard as soon as you remove the heat, too.
To anchor it, the best thing I know is silicone rubber, preferably the non-reactive stuff Loctite make for this kind of use, called Tempflex. This will make a far better result than using wire to simulate the original mounting method, and will be far easier to undo later, too.
Another trick is to cut arround the plastic blister pack the battery comes in, carefully, to make a small separator with a raised edge, to insulate between the battery and the board. The ones I have come complete with a neat round hole in the middle, perfect for the centrally soldered wire on the negative terminal.
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Re: How can I replace an empty RAMpack battery?
« Reply #3 on: Mar 10th, 2005, 7:28pm »
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I can replace batteries for you for £5 a pack including the battery and return postage.
I would be very wary about using the 'no solder' method as I think there is potential to damage the circuit board quite easily.
You would need a fair amount of heat to blow up a CR battery.  I've done it once by accident when removing the FLASH chip from a GameBoy cartridge using a hot air gun and I forgot that the battery was on the other side of the PCB.  It was pretty spectacular to say the least, pyrotechnics and everything!

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