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   How can I dismantle the organiser?
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   Author  Topic: How can I dismantle the organiser?  (Read 3064 times)


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How can I dismantle the organiser?
« on: Apr 5th, 2005, 7:11pm »
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By frequent request:
This is from a page that will - sooner or later - be added to the homepage, just have to add pictures.
BTW. Its a translation of a french page by Christophe Guilloux which seems to be offline by now.

For those who are curious to see to see what the Org2 hides inside, this page is made for you...  
The first thing before dismounting your Organiser, PERFORM A BACKUP!!!  
Moreover, I have to point out something:  
I will not be held responsible for anything that results the following operations. Any damage to your beloved material is totally within your personal responsibility.
Nobody can prevent you from proceeding... (but dont blame me!)

Ok, first of all you will need tools:  
Here's the list (you'll see, you don't need much):
  • A small sized Phillips screwdriver which fits in the screw holes of the PSION, preferably magnetized.  
    That's all, you see that ain't much. But please, let that one be the right one!
    Remove the sliding cover, the battery and all packs.  
    Turn the PSION face down.  
    Start by withdrawing the small screw in the slot of pack B (probably hidden by a warranty sticker). Then withdraw the 2 other screws on the bottom.
    Now its time to make sure that you are not loaded with static energy. The best way is to touch some blank piece of metal connected directly to ground like a water pipe or central heating pipe.  
    Very gently remove the back of the PSION beginning from the bottom. If you have an XP, a cable leading to the buzzer will be not allow you to remove the back completely, but it's long enough to put the cover aside. By now, the top slot protection slider will have fallen out, don't forget to put it in a safe place.  
    You already made the beginning, not bad...  
    You'll now discover that the interior of the PSION it is very green and looks sympathetic...  
    The circuits consist of 2 boards. The lower board is the one which contains HD6303 microprocessor. (You can't see it yet.) The upper board is L-shaped and contains the contrast adjustment and the two 16 pin ports for the packs.  
    Do you want go further? Good... Perhaps you have noticed a screw on the top board among the components. Take your screwdriver and unscrew it gently without scraping. Now look between the two boards. Behind the ports you will see a small white flat cable connecting the two boards. Gently turn the upper board towards outside. Stop when you get resistence (normally when vertical or a little before). You'll now discover the hidden part of the lower board.
    Shall we go further? Locate the 4 screws which hold the board. They too are right amongst the components! This is the last stage before the keyboard is revealed, but stay cool! By raising the card, the keycaps will no longer be kept in place. If you do any false move, the buttons will scatter in all the directions like small LEGOs!  
    Next you have to remove the battery connector. It is connected with a spring. Then, raise the card. Below it there is a white plastic film which could slightly stick to either the board or the keycaps. When the card is raised, you can normally withdraw the complete bottom cover with all the keycaps and the plastic film resting in it.  
    At the end of the operation you must have:  
    3 screws from the cover (2 long and 1 short)  
    1 screw from upper board  
    4 screws from the lower board  
    1 top slot protection slider  
    2 boards connected by wire  
    1 white plastic film.  
    36 keycaps  
    1 battery connector  
    1 spring  
    1 front cover  
    1 back cover  
    10 fingers  
    2 hands  
    still the same screwdriver  

    Now for the reassembly: You might say that's easy now? Well, it's not! You may have to face a few considerable problems.
    It may well be that the accident has happened to you, i.e. the keycaps fell out. In this case check that they all are in the right places and that none is reversed. Raise the front cover vertically and look at the keyboard from below.  
    If everything looks OK, you can start:
    Put the white plastic film back in place with the black spots pointing upwards. Its a good idea to clean it before.
    As you fit the lower board, make sure that the black and red wires leading to the battery connector are not blocked.
    Don't put too much force on the screws. If they don't go in easily, either the board or the screw is malpositioned.  
    Don't forget to reposition the battery connector and the spring!  
    Putting the top slot protection slider back in place is quite tricky (when you look at the Organiser from the back as you do now, it has to be positioned on the left side so it can slide open to the right).  
    Gently put on the top cover, starting from the top. Before you put in the screws, check the top port slider and the battery connector again.

    Thats all, good luck!  
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