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   What different models are there?
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What different models are there?
« on: Jan 1st, 2001, 12:00pm »
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What different types are there?
The three base models are labelled CM, XP and LZ. The first two have a 2-line display, the LZ has got 4 lines.
These base models come in some variants: An XP which has more memory is sometimes called LA. Similarly there is a second version of the LZ with more memory which is usually called LZ64 (or sometimes LP).  
Other variants were made for commercial use, called POS (meaning Point of Sale). They do not have the built-in organiser functions, but only run programs. The POS 200 has only a numerical keyboard, whereas the POS 250 has the full standard keyboard. Both are basically XP's. The POS 350 is an XP at heart, but amazingly with 96K of RAM. Finally the POS 432 and POS 464 are POS versions of the LZ and LZ64 respectively.
Here are the ROM/RAM/Display sizes for all the basic versions:
CM 8K32K2x16
XP 16K32K or 64K2x16
XP(LA)32K32K or 64K2x16
Model CM was the first Organiser II.  
The XP/LA has several improvements over the CM. The most important of these are that it can use rampacks and larger datapacks.  
Multi- lingual versions of the XP/LA were developed which support 11 languages. Older organisers were available in languages other than English, but this meant that a different machine had to be produced for each language. The multi-lingual XP on the other hand could be switched to any of the 11 languages it supported. These multi- lingual machines have a 64K ROM to store all the messages in all the languages.
The LZ/LP in turn has improvements over the XP. It has a 4x20 character display instead of the 2x16 display of all earlier versions, and also has a better character set. The LZ also has more menu options, including better file handling options, a notepad, international dialling codes and times, a calendar, etc. There are also some new commands and functions in OPL. All LZs support exactly three languages.
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