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(Message started by: ForumAdmin on Nov 5th, 2004, 1:26am)

Title: == Guidelines for posting here == PLEASE READ
Post by ForumAdmin on Nov 5th, 2004, 1:26am
The marketplace is the forum section for selling/buying Psion related items.
Here are the rules:

  • There are 2. boards: For Sale and Wanted. Please use only the appropriated one!

  • Only reply if you mean to!
    If you want to post a new offer, or a new request, always Start a new topic from the board index! If you are replying to an offer/request, use Reply. (This should be pretty obvious, but...)

  • Leave your email address!
    Both guests and members should include their email address in the message, otherwise the buyer/seller will have a hard time contacting you!
    If you're worried about spam, use a fancy way to disguise the address!
    (e.g. someone[at]somewhere[dot]com)

  • Register!
    Although guests are no longer restricted from posting here, we strongly encourage you to register. One of the advantages is that you can opt to receive an email if someone replies.

---:o--- PLEASE NOTE ---:o---

All topics that are older than a month may be removed at any time!

This applies only to the 'market place' boards.

If you offer/request is still valid after that period, please post a reply that says so!

We don't want to fool people with outdated offers, do we?

---8)8)--- THANKS ---8)8)---

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