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(Message started by: Mikesan on Aug 7th, 2018, 10:53am)

Title: Fast Food
Post by Mikesan on Aug 7th, 2018, 10:53am
;D or  :-[
Either way, a lot of people eat it because it is, well, fast!

Back in those days, I was an installation team leader in the IMB/NatWest 'RBP Project'.  We installed what was then the upgrade to all the Nat West banks in the UK  (RBP - Retail Banking Platform).

There could be quite a few engineers on site as we used to try to get one bank done in a day.  But come lunch time, who is going to grab the McDonalds orders?  I drew the short straw on more than one occasion and decided to do something about it, as I had a Series 3 in my 'bum bag' and so I decided to knock this out one lunch time.  Actually, it was modified over about a week as new things were discovered as missing - totally organic and unplanned software! It worked!  Enjoy!

But how do we run this?

There are a ton of emulators and other really useful software and information here;

I have found the later PsiWin software to be somewhat 'slicker' than the earlier version, but to not have so many useful features.  I personally use PsiWin v1.1, because it converts well and provides the Psion Database Manager, which 2.3.3 does not.  Your choice!

As for cables, then you'll need the "soap-on-rope" Comms Link for the 3 and 3a machines.  These had both DB25F and DB9F RS232 connectors.  The later ones had a slimline multiway connector on one end of the cable and a DB9F RS232 on the other. The HC & Workabouts can use a DB9F to DB9F 'null modem' cable.

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