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(Message started by: Mikesan on Apr 29th, 2007, 1:08pm)

Title: BC Data A Biligual POS Terminal
Post by Mikesan on Apr 29th, 2007, 1:08pm
BC Data

A program for using the Organiser II as a bilingual POS (Point Of Sale) terminal.
N.B. This is in an extremely beta state! :-)
It behaves o.k., but you will need a barcode reader.

I've posted it today for two reasons;
1) There is yet another source of Japanese software for the Org2.  See rinrin's post.
2) BCDATA puts my Kanapak program in context - Kanapak was written to produce the prompts for this application.

The OPK will make a 16k bootable pak that will temporarily take over your machine.
You should be using an XP.
To get your machine back, take the pak out, press ON/CLEAR and your machine will be back to normal.

You'll notice a refrerence to a BCR control sheet.  Later, when I can find the app that produced it, I'll figure out a form in which to post this too.  Alternatively, get hold of a Code39 Windows font and make your own!  Basically, it's just a set of Code39 codes that the program recognises as functions.  Here are some;

  • MODE     "01" As BCR CMD [MODE].
  • S-DEL    "02" As BCR CMD [F1].
  • DEL      "03" As BCR CMD [F2].
  • SPACE    "04" As BCR CMD [F3].
  • EXE      "05" As BCR CMD [EXE].

I think I had more planned - BCR use with a clipboard was much faster than using a keyboard in practice - you'll have to play with it!

I never had a POS machine, so if anyone has one and would like to try it out on one, I'd be grateful for the feedback!

At the moment, I've only posted the OPK, instructions and a map.  This is because everything was left hanging 15 years ago and not tidied away.  When I get a round tuit, I'll post the source as well.

Title: Re: BC Data A Biligual POS Terminal
Post by Mikesan on Apr 29th, 2007, 2:24pm
If you've tried to use the program, you will have noticed that the input mode will ask for a Group selection.  As you don't yet have the sheet, this will be a stumbling block.
Group Codes MUST be EAN 8 format.  If you can get hold of barcode printing software that will print EAN 8, you can print the codes below.

A00000000      GRP MISC
A00000017      GRP BREAD
A00000024      GRP GROCERIES
A00000031      GRP CONFECTION
A00000048      GRP SOFT DRINK
A00000055      GRP ALCOHOLIC
A00000062      GRP TOBACCO
A00000079      GRP BOOKS

When I can find the point where I decided to put these criteria, I'll post how you can change the codes, perhaps to regular EAN codes taken off products you've bought, though I think I put them in this format to avoid conflicts with real products...
In the meantime, send me an appropriate SAE and I'll return a photocopy of the original sheet.

Title: Re: BC Data A Biligual POS Terminal
Post by Mikesan on Apr 29th, 2007, 6:27pm
Here is an MS Word document you can print out to make a control sheet.

2017 UPDATE - the sheet is so faded now that it won't be of much use. However, as I've now finally uploaded the source code, you can change the type of code to whatever you want.

I'd suggest CODE39, as you can find a free font for that - just don't forget that CODE 39 requires the *CODE_VALUE* format to work.

Title: Re: BC Data A Biligual POS Terminal
Post by Mikesan on Aug 8th, 2017, 12:34pm
I've updated the BCDATA zip to one which contains the source code, flowcharts, etc, etc with an explanation text file, so please download this if you are interested in this program.

Sorry it's been so long  :-[

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