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Posted by: starhawk Posted on: Nov 8th, 2018, 9:45pm
minicom is a serial terminal application...
Linux is indeed command-line based, the problem being that there is no single command line standard /per se/. Or, rather, that there is, but that it's a /de facto/ standard, one that "just happened that way" -- and, as such, it's freely ignored by certain Linux distros, although there are workarounds for that.
The 'standard' command shell is called bash, the 'Bourne-Again SHell'. The original Bourne SHell (bsh) was copyrighted by the Bell Labs crew and so is closed-source... bash however is F|OSS (free and open-source software) with a relatively permissive license.
However, I use a variant of Ubuntu Linux called Xubuntu ("Zoo-buntu" or "Ex-Ubuntu", either works), which differs from standard-issue Ubuntu primarily by way of the GUI desktop employed, and the 'buntus (as the overall collective family is typically referred to) prefer a different shell called 'dash' by default. The way you work around that, if you must have bash, is by formatting your 'shell script' (our term for the equivalent of a DOS *.BAT batch file) with a different "shebang" at the top.
So instead of writing, as the very first line...
#!/bin/sh select the default shell, which is always linked (a link is a filesystem-native 'alias' sort of construct) as /bin/sh -- you type...
...and that directs the system to use bash instead.
The next problem being that I don't know how to write bash scripts worth crap yet

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