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Posted by: Mikesan Posted on: Jun 14th, 2018, 9:46pm
Well, I was responding to,
"There are lots of OPL files there but no way of knowing what's missing!"

because there absolutely is a way to know!  Not only that, I've always commented ('REMarked') my code, so that even I can figure it out many years later and JRTIME is no exception.
In this case, as Boris urged me to do at the time, I even put a manual in there, which, of course, I didn't read either this time and went at finding out why by analysing the code instead in the video, but had I done so, I would have seen that it says;
Selecting The File.
The file to be loaded is offered as soon as the program is run.  This defualt filename and location is made possible by a small procedure which the user writes.  It MUST be called JRT$;
As you can see, it's very simple.  The first file prompted for by the program in this instance would be "FILE> A:FILENAME".  One would normally just accept this by pressing [EXE].

That said, what with the extremely laggy recording and unplanned format, yes, I'll admit that it is a pretty crappy video, but what I said stands.
This forum is about enthusiasts who are willing to take other people's code and figure it out and even enhance it - Psion didn't even bother with REMs in a lot of cases!  It's nice if one finds someone's program and it just works, "right out of the box", but the onus is on the finder of such programs to iron-out any bugs.
So sorry to disagree, but it is a really simple fix and one that was actually in the manual supplied in the zip and wasn't actually an error.

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