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   Re: Speech Synthesiser
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   Author  Topic: Re: Speech Synthesiser  (Read 355 times)
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Re: Speech Synthesiser
« on: Dec 29th, 2018, 2:55pm »
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Dear All
I've transferred the recent Speech Synthesiser thread from the Help Page to here so that I can add a ZIP.
Those following the thread will know that Dave was kind enough to lone me a Revoreed Ltd 1991 Speech Synthesiser for which I am very grateful. I will soon be forwarding it on to Jaap so he can add photos and details to his web site. I notice he has already got the manual in the 'Other Hardware Manuals' section.
Readers of the manual will see that the device comes loaded with a 902 word vocabulary. I needed to supplement this with a further 18 words for my podcast. The manual also warns the user to keep their additional vocabulary files as small as possible as reading these can slow the speech Synthesiser down. I can confirm this with only an 18 MRwords1.ODB file.
The attached PodCast.ZIP contains..
(File too big; if you're interested PM me your email address and I'll send it directly)
D_Vocab_ODB.PDF - a list of the 902 word vocabulary file + MRwords1.ODB.
PodCast.WMA - The finished best I can make recording.
Compare_No_Words_ODB.WMA - a comparison recording with no MRwords1.ODB to show the speed - difference as described above and the effect of spelling out unrecognised words.
I have not included the Podcast Speech File as I would be grateful if those interested would listen to the PodCast.WMA and post what you think it is saying.
Anyway keep your eyes on Jaaps pages for more information
Sincerely and wishing everyone a Happy New Year
Martin (attachment deleted)


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Re: Speech Synthesiser
« Reply #1 on: Dec 29th, 2018, 4:51pm »
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Nice work there, Martin.
I like the way you've added your own vocabulary.
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