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   Enigma coding program
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   Author  Topic: Enigma coding program  (Read 917 times)


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Enigma coding program
« on: Oct 22nd, 2008, 9:27pm »
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This program will encode and decode messages on your PSION. I wrote it for my grandchildren, to run on the XP as these are very cheap on eBay at present. Some ideas on KEYS are in the help file.
Simply download or type the programs onto your PSION. Edit/Translate them, then either run Enigma or add it on your main menu.
All punctuation other than full stops is removed, spaces and full stops are coded. Every letter is coded differently and the code repetition depends upon the length of the key
The code is printed out in blocks of 4 characters separated by spaces. The key is stored in a file for reuse, but for security could be changed after sending a message, but can be re-used for simplicity.
This is the beta test version. If you find any bugs let me know, and I'll endevour to fix them.
You are welcome to copy and use for personal use.
(contact address edited by boris) (attachment deleted)
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Re: Enigma coding program
« Reply #1 on: Nov 18th, 2008, 6:18pm »
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An interesting program Roger.
In response to your request for feedback, it seems a bit enigmatic. Sorry :) How about some simple blow-by-blow example steps;
0) Prepare a message.
1) Make your code book by doing this...
2) Give your contact a copy.
3) Decide on your key length - here we'll choose...
4) ...
and so on, until the user has been taken through the entire process, using the program.
Also, the in-program help (a great idea BTW) was hard to navigate and follow.
Suggest using OPL's DISP. Try along these lines;

REM Display help on an app, using DISP().
REM It is possible to do many things, such as providing the text strings as arrays, which can be easily searched.
REM The array uses less stack than separate strings in most cases - fuller is more efficient.
REM This is just a basic system - no search, just menu.
REM Mike Russell 2008
LOCAL K%,H$(4,248),M$(32),T$(1)
T$=CHR$(9) :REM Use as many times in one DISP() as needed, even if more than 15, for a new line.
H$(1)="This is all.."+T$+"..that I wanted on..."+T$+"..that line..."
H$(2)="Second topic."
H$(3)="Third is MANY lines deep!"+T$+"Topic 3, Line 2"+T$+"3-3"+T$+"3-4"+T$+"3-5"+T$+"3-6"+T$+"3-7"+T$+"3-8"+T$+"3-9"+T$+"3- 10"+T$+"3-11"+T$+"3-12"+T$+"3-13"+T$+"3-14"+T$+"3-15"+T$+"3-16"+T$+"3-17 "+T$+"END"
H$(4)="Last topic"+T$+"Can Use !?&^[]{}~ and others directly in a string generated on a PC..."
  IF K%<>0

You can copy the above proc, paste to txt file, rename it .opl and send it (using Boris' Psi2Win) to your Org2. Notice how long H$(3) is. This can be a bugger on an Organiser II (maybe you have no Comms Link). If so, generate the repeating parts on different lines for checking, then DEL them together :-).
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