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   Datapak copier
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Datapak copier
« on: Mar 11th, 2004, 4:11pm »
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Well here it is! My much hyped datapak copier.
This program should be capable of copying just about any datapak, including ones with the copy protection flags set.  The resulting copies have the copy and write protect flags left clear, and so can be copied from and written to just like any other pak.  The program creates a 'byte by byte' copy, and so the target datapak must be blank (although it may already have been 'sized'.)  Failure to observe this requirement will result in a corrupt target pack which will need to be reformatted.
The program should also be capable of copying to a larger pak.  For example you should be able to copy a 32K pak onto a 64K and use the remaining 32K for extra programs and data.  Once you have made unprotected copies, you should be able to combine multiple program paks onto a single one just by copying the files, provided that none of the file names conflict.
Please note that this program is provided without any warranties.  You have my word that there is no malicious code contained in the program, and the source code is provided so that people may examine it if they wish.  The program is provided to be used for legitimate backup purposes only.  It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the copyright owner's rights are not violated.
fast5.opl (attachment deleted)
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