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The new Psion Organiser II Forum
« on: Oct 15th, 2002, 10:29am »
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I'm enourmously proud to present  
The Psion Organiser II Forum

today (Oct 15, 2002).


When I took over the Psion Organiser II Homepage in March, I promised that I would reinstall the chat and the auction as soon as I find a free home for the scripts.
In June Zac Schroff offered me free webspace on his server. Gratefully I accepted.
I could have reinstalled the former 'Psion Chat'. This would have been quite an easy task. But the good old chat had too many disadvantages: No appearent way to format the posts, not threaded, email adresses exposed to public, no way to delete or change a post,....
So I started from zero by using YaBB (yet another bulletin board), a widely spread open source project. It was functional almost right out of the box, but I liked to add some other features.  
Fortunately - I thought - there are lots of add-ons, that were written by many people around the world. I installed quite a lot of them, until I suddenly noticed, that the option I considered the most important - automatic notification of new posts - did not at all work as expected, about 50% of emails were miracously not sent, but - even worse - sometimes emails were sent although there was no reason to do so.
I discovered that a few of these addons were programmed in a lousy style and started to fix the bugs. However I had to rewrite much of the code of the notification add-on.
Well, this is why it took more time than expected, but now, after many weeks of installing, setting up, tweaking, bugfixing and getting nervous about,
it is finally finished.
Now its YOUR playground.
BTW: The auction will follow. As it will partially use the script used at combined with the Forum's registering/login/notification functionallity, I hope this will not take so much time.
[edit 2006]   Ebay has proved to be more useful ....
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Triholerahduliäöhh gugguh !! (tyrolean joy jodler)
Rough translation: There's a new build of Psi2Win!!
Email: boris[at]psion2[dot]org
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